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MeetElisabeth Foriel

Elisabeth Foriel is much more than a seasoned real estate agent with over 17 years of experience; she is an “Agent de Liaison” for her discerning clients who seek her expertise when buying, selling, renting, or relocating to New York City.

As a corporate relocation and luxury sales specialist, Elisabeth is multi-skilled and results driven, with a proven track record of success. She serves as a liaison between her corporate clients and Manhattan properties/investments and believes that being a relocation agent goes beyond merely having a strong knowledge of the NYC market. Elisabeth takes the take time to get her clients accustomed to the city as a whole, and the real estate process itself.

With an international background, she not only has an understanding of the culture of her clients’ home country or city; she educates them on the different neighborhoods, tours all properties that best suit their needs, and assists with everything from the paperwork involved to lease signing, and any other matters related to their new home.

“New York is a very fast-paced and exciting city, with a complex and unique real estate market – one that’s difficult enough to navigate for a native New Yorker, and especially challenging for a client arriving from abroad or a different state. I am here to guide and advise you every step of the way.”

Elisabeth is accomplished when it comes to the purchase and sale of condominiums, cooperatives and townhouses as well, and is highly effective at representing customers and clients in the luxury market across Manhattan. She speaks fluent French, and is conversant in German, so can seamlessly serve a diverse clientele.

Her innate instinct, creative sense, passion for real estate as well as her eye for design set her apart and make her an invaluable asset and partner to her clients.

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